Troop 796
Ijamsville, MD

Welcome to Troop 796 Ijamsville!

Chartered by St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Community, we are based in Ijamsville MD, and typically meet at St. Ignatius's Polk Hall every Thursday at 7:00 PM. We are happy to have you as our guest and hope to count you as a member in the near future!

Troop 796 has been an active member of our community for over 50 years. We are a mid-sized Boy Scout Troop at this time with approximately thirty registered scouts. We pride ourselves on being a “scout led” Troop. Our scouts select and plan the events for the year; coordinate and hold the weekly troop meetings; and plan and supervise the wide range of scouting events that occur throughout the year. It is our belief that a truly “scout led” troop provides the best environment for a scout to mature into a self confident young adult. We have dedicated adults who support the scout’s program and insure all activities are safe and fun for all our scouts.

Adult Leaders

This troop is Scout Led, but we have several adult leaders working with us to ensure that scouts are getting a great experience, and who will support them when needed. Click here to meet our leadership!

Contact Us!

Troop E-Mail:
Scoutmaster E-Mail:
Chartered Organization: St. Ignatius of Loyola, 301-695-8845
Troop Meetings: Every Thursday, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, at St. Ignatius Church
GENERAL SNOW DAY RULE: If FCPS is closed, we don’t meet.

How do I join?

Go to our Join Troop 796 page for more info about joining the troop!

Congratulations to all of our Eagle Scouts!

Aaron English 2003
Patrick Washington 2003
Charles Wagner 2004
Shawn Mayberry 2007
Thomas Malatt 2007
Nicholas Edler 2007
Ryan Babb 2008
Leon Straus 2008
Jacob Wolf 2009
Patrick Clement 2010
John Turlick 2010
Caleb Timmons 2012
Thomas Loyd 2013
Jacob Wells 2015
Elie Haddad 2015
Alexander Phelps 2015
Patrick Meade 2015
Paolo Chiarelli 2015
Jem Gallagher 2015
Damir Udbinac 2015
Jason Tan 2016
Samuel Ogaitis 2016
William Giovanini 2016
James Dutton 2016
Jacob Yetter 2016
Connor Schmidt 2017
Paul Papillo 2017
Nicholas Campos 2017
Tynan Gallagher 2017
John Price 2017
Krsto Udbinac 2017
Tyler Kendall 2017
David Deeter, II 2018
Wyatt Sullivan 2018
Alec Boron 2018
Charles Giglio, II 2019
Jack Lundstedt, III 2019
Nathan Nardini 2019
Nicholas Schmidt 2019
Branimir Udbinac 2019
Jackson Goodrich 2020
Daniel Bowers 2020
Benjamin Scoppa 2020
Jonah Casson 2021
Vincent Nardini 2021
Thushan Ranasinghe 2021
Zachary Walsman 2021
Tyler Schulte 2021
Colin Bell 2021
Jonathan Grover 2022
Jack Blacklock 2022
Alex Blacklock 2022
Sidhant Gandhi 2022
Cole Longstaff 2023
Aleksander Meyerle 2023
Angel Lebron Garcia 2023
Rowan Wood 2023
Luke Felice 2024
Aidan Lenz 2024