Electronic Payments

You can pay via the page embedded here, or by clicking on the button below. 

All payments are paid to your IA (money) accounts, which are used to pay for campouts, dues, and other expences. Click here for more information.

This page can be usued to pay dues, along with other payments. For more information, please contact the Scoutmaster.

2024 recharter and Troop dues fees for Scouts are a total of $260 per scout:

- $80 BSA recharter fee per scout

- $80 National Capital Area Council Participation Fee per scout

- $100 annual dues for Troop 796


- $15 annual subscription to Scouts Life magazine (optional, but an excellent magazine for Scouts and their family)

2024 Recharter Fee for Adult Leaders is $60. Adults have no Participation Fees nor Troop dues.

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