Medical Forms

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record

Details and downloads of the latest BSA Medical Forms can be found here:
The ABC form can be found here: 

Parts A & B must be filled out by EVERY participant in any Scouting event, including, Scouts, Scouters, Parents/Guardians, siblings and any other persons participating in a Scouting event. 

Part C is the physical exam that is required for participants in any event that exceeds 72 consecutive hours, for all high-adventure base participants, or when the nature of the activity is strenuous and demanding. The BSA defines strenuous and demanding as any activity that exceeds that which the person might normally do at home or school. This is commonly required during summer camps.

Part D is required to be reviewed by all participants of a high-adventure program at one of the national high-adventure bases and shared with the examining health-care provider before completing Part C. It is NOT required for normal summer camps or troop events.

Before any activity, it is the responsibility of the Scoutmaster in Charge to check these medical forms to make sure he is familiar with any ailment and/or issues which may affect the over-all outcome of the activity or safety of the individuals participating in the activity. 

If you have questions about medical forms, feel free to contact the Scoutmaster!