Troop Track is also utilized for tracking who is planning to attend meetings and outings,  to figure out what accommodations we need to make and what materials we need to bring.
Please RSVP for any events you are planning to attend, so we can ensure we have what you or your scout need to excel. We also use this function for knowing who to charge for events, for things such as food.
If you are unable to attend, please RSVP "No" so we know that you are unable to go, so we can plan accordingly.

Please ensure you attend the meetings prior to an event, so you can have a say in the activities we complete and the food we eat!

RSVP via Email:
At the bottom of any email which includes a event invite, there will be quick links to RSVP for an event. Simply select if you are going or not going, and it will automaticaly RSVP you.

RSVP via Troop Track Calendar:

2. From this page, you can see all of the events for a given month. You can use the buttons to change views and see future events.
Select the event you want to RSVP for from this menu.

3. Select "RSVP" next to the person you would like to RSVP for.

5. From the popup menu, select if you are going or not. You can also leave a RSVP note, or designate any guests you may be bringing, such as to a Court of Honor.