Class A (Field Uniform)
The Class A is our offical uniform, or the uniform you think of when you hear the words "Scouts BSA". When you wear your Class A, do it with pride! Examples of when to wear it are during troop meetings, ceremonies, or in and out of campouts. Essentially whenever you're in public with the troop.

You can obtain the shirt, pants, and belt at the Scout Shop in Bethesda, visit for more info, or ask a leader during a troop meeting!

Please wear a shirt under your Class A, in case you have to take it off when we move to do something messy, physical, or you get too hot.

Class B (Activity Uniform)
The Class B is our casual wear, for use during the summer or during events where the troop is gathering, but Class A's are not required. Examples of when to wear them are during the summer, campouts, service projects, hikes, etc.

You can order your class B shirts and other garb on this form:

For more information about the uniform, read through the "Adventure Ahead!" section in your Scout Handbook.

Gear for use at meetings or campouts